• Traditional components with Fast Fill Systems improvements
  • Familiar & proven equipment
  • Long history in the heavy-equipment industry

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The Classic diesel fuel nozzle contains traditional components that have stood as the standard for years in fast fueling nozzles. This all metal nozzle provides the operator with a familiar and proven piece of equipment that has a long history of being the standard used in all heavy-equipment industries.

Technical Data
  1. Part # N150C (N150Cp w/Plug)
  2. Flow Rate (Min) 94.5 lpm/25 gpm
  3. Flow Rate (Max) 567 lpm/150 gpm
  4. Operating Pressure 5.17 bar/75 psi
  5. Fuel Port 1-1/2” or 2” NPT Standard
  6. Weight 3.515 kg/7lbs 12oz
All technical data based upon tests performed by the Fast Fill Systems Engineering Department.


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