• Smallest and lightest diesel nozzle available
  • All metal housing with non-slip powder-coated finish
  • Forgiving latching mechanism in dirty conditions

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The Titan diesel fuel nozzle is a blend of true innovation. The latching device of this nozzle is the most forgiving model in muddy or severely dirty environments. Fewer internal components and a compact housing make this one of the smallest and lightest diesel nozzles made. Its original design allows for easy and complete repairs while in the field, cutting down from the shipping and refurbishing process. With all-metal construction, piston driven engagement, a familiar non-slip powder-coat finish, and field repairable cartridge you get innovative technology at a great price.

Technical Data
  1. Part # N150T (N150Tp w/Plug)
  2. Flow Rate (Min) 94.5 lpm/25 gpm
  3. Flow Rate (Max) 567 lpm/150 gpm
  4. Operating Pressure 8.6 bar/125 psi
  5. Fuel Port 1-1/2” NPT Standard
  6. Weight 2.645 kg/5lbs 10oz
All technical data based upon tests performed by the Fast Fill Systems Engineering Department.


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