1. All Aluminum built assembly
  2. Powder-coated cast aluminum vent cap
  3. All steel construction available
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The standard fuel vent is a critical part of a standard or pressurized fueling system. Unlike Pressureless systems the standard system needs tank pressure to shut the nozzle off when the tank is full—a good fuel vent is critical to this. Our entire vent is made of aluminum, not plastic like others. Not only are our vents competitively priced but because of the superior component construction, you will find that the service life will outlast the competition. Available in over 100 different configurations we have the vent your fuel system needs.

Naming Example
Fuel Vents are assembled based on parts requested to meet the user’s needs. Name Convention Example: V150DCL7 This vent has an anti-vandalism flange, NPT adaptor, and a seven inch stem.
  1. A Half Coupling*
  2. B Bolt on Flange*
  3. C NPT Adaptor
  4. D Anti-Vandalism Flange
  5. L Stem Length 5, 7, or 12 inches
  6. W Whistle Adaptor*
  7. H High-Flow**
  8. R Reducer Adapter
*Not compatible with the Anti-Vandalism Flange
**High-Flow vents work with other parts listed


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