Filter Vents

  1. Reduces dirt and debris with the one-way check valve
  2. 3 Micron Filter
  3. Discharges air over 300 GPM
  4. Direct mount FFV 150-PL
  5. Remote mount FFV 150
  6. Direct or remount mount in a low-profile horizontal design FFV 150-LP
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Standard vents allow dirt and debris to enter the fuel tank. A one-way check valve allows the discharge of air over 300 GPM, but prevents dirt and debris from entering back into the tank through the valve. An integrated 3-micron filter with a check valve increases fuel injector performance and pump life by filtering incoming air. The Pressureless filter vent is designed in three different configurations: the FFV 150 for remote mounting connecting the level control with a 1-1/4" diameter hose, the FFV 150-PL for direct mounting with a 1" NPT thread, and the FFV 150-M LP which can be mounted remotely or directly and comes in a low-profile horizontal design to save space.


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