PLA150-M Cans

  1. Remote mount the entire shut-off valve and receiver
  2. Includes one PLA150-M SV and R150CVRc-J
  3. "Can" wall thick enough to weld to machine frame
  4. Available in external (PLA150-M RRM20) and internal (PLA150-M RRM3) signal line configurations
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The PLA150-M SV is best used in the tank—while for some fuel systems this is impossible; our PLA150-M “Cans” are a viable solution. These self-contained units, or “Cans”, are designed to remotely mount the entire shut-off valve and receiver. These “Cans” come with one PLA150-M SV and R150CVRc-J. The “Can” wall is thick enough to weld the unit to the equipment frame in the desired location. “Cans” come in two configurations: the PLA150-M RRM2 which has an external signal line port and the PLA150-M RRM3 which uses an internal signal line port found directly on the shut-off. With its design, the PLA150-M RRM3 reduces the chance of damaging the signal line. The “Can” is the accessory solution when 2" NPT in the tank is not enough.


2016 Product Catalog

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